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IC Certifications - MonBaby Smart Movement Monitor

IC certification

Firmware Labeling & ID’s: the current version of the firmware contains the device label that is available through LightBlue for the iPhone (a free application available through the AppStore) or BLE Scanner for an Android device (a free application available through Google Play). The following was added to the firmware as Device Info Service:


Firmware version: MONBFV1.0


Hardware version: MONBHV1.0


Software version: MONBSV1.4.2


Under Serial number:  UPN: MONB1


IC ID: devInfoICID under 0x2A30 UUID with the value – IC: 12529A-MONB1


Access Instructions for Using LightBlue on iPhone:


1. Download LightBlue application from the AppStore.


2. Pick Monbaby and connect to it.


3. Once connected you can see hardware, firmware and software versions of our device. To see IC ID information, click on 0x2A30 service (CLICK #1)


4. Click on Hex in the right upper corner, this would translate HEX numbers into strings (CLICK #2). On the resulting screen you would see IC ID – IC: 12529A-MONB1


Access Instructions for Using BLE on an Android Device**:


1. Download BLE application from Google Play and connect to Monbaby.






4. Click on Read to read characteristic (CLICK #3) and on a resulting screen you would see IC ID – IC: 12529A-MONB1


IC ID certification information will also be displayed on the Monbaby packaging: