Comparison: MonBaby, Mimo Wearable Baby Tracker and Sproutling Wearable Baby Monitor

cool momCool Mom Tech is the ultimate resource for the well-connected parent. The site recently completed a review of three different wearable baby monitors: Mimo Wearable Baby Tracker, Sproutling Wearable Baby Monitor and MonBaby Breathing and Rollover Monitor.

First, the editors began by taking a look at Mimo, noting that it tracks your baby’s sleep duration, position and skin temperature, with the stats sent to your iOS or Android device. The wearable monitor connects to a stationary base that then transmits the data. Cool Mom Tech pointed out that as your baby grows, you’ll need to continue to purchase larger customized onesies to accomodate your growing child.

Next up on the review list was MonBaby.  The editors explain that MonBaby focuses on breathing movements and sleep position, showing you whether your baby is on his or her back or stomach. MonBay provides you with the option to customize your tracking by choosing only the alerts you want to receive. The editors at Cool Mom Tech particularly liked MonBaby’s universal form factor: “no need to worry that your baby will grow out of it in a few months.”

Finally, the editors tried out the Spoutling, the ankle strap monitor that learns your baby’s sleep habits to predict patterns over time. The Sproutling offers alerts if the noise level in your home is getting too loud and may wake your baby up, or if your baby’s temperature begins to rise.

Read the full article from Cool Mom Tech here.