MonBaby Smart Button + MonBridge App on an Amazon Kindle Fire (Bluetooth to Wi-Fi Range Extension)

MonBaby is an award-winning baby monitor that snaps onto any article of a child’s clothing, just like a button. It tracks your baby’s breathing movements and sleep position, transmitting important alerts directly to your smartphone. It gives peace of mind to anxious parents and improves sleep for the whole family.

For families with larger homes or those desiring to have the MonBaby connection be established through Wi-Fi rather than Bluetooth, we’ve developed the MonBridge – a free application on Google Play or the Amazon App Store. We’ve found that using the MonBridge app on an Amazon Kindle Fire table works especially well and thus are offering a combination of MonBaby + Amazon Kindle Fire (w/MonBridge app) as an option for purchase (please note that MonBaby and Amazon Kindle Fire will come in their own individual packaging but will arrive together). With MonBridge running, you will be able to connect to the MonBaby from anywhere in your house where Wi-Fi is available. Furthermore, with this purchase, you will also be able to take advantage of our premium customer support service. Need assistance via phone or Skype? We will provide you with direct access to our experienced customer support team.

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