Extreme Weight Loss Guru J.D. Roth Says Kids Are What Their Parents Eat

J.D. Roth of ABC’s Extreme Weight Loss

If you are a parent who has trouble getting your kids to eat vegetables, J.D. Roth has some helpful words of advice for you. J.D. Roth is the co-creator of the hit ABC TV show Extreme Weight Loss. Weight loss, he says, is a battle of the mind. “The whole game is in your head. That’s where you’re fat. This (your body) is just the outcome.”

What he said to me in a recent interview about the relationship between parents, healthy eating, and their kids’ nutritional health, probably wouldn’t come as a shock. If you’re worried about your kids eating right, he says, everything has to start with you. But don’t worry, parents, this is good news, not bad.

J.D. said, “If you have kids and you say, ‘Well, I only give my kids this.’ Well, if they see mommy drinking this (picks up a can of soda), then that’s what they want. Kids won’t listen to a word you say, they watch everything you do.”

I told J.D. that I want my daughter to make better food choices than I’ve made, and he said, “The only way for her to change is if you change. To change her and not change you, she’ll never do it. Because in her mind, guess what she’s thinking? ‘He’s not doing it, why should I do it?’…

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