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Clipped on to baby’s clothes, the Monbaby Smart Button sends a silent blutooth signal to a receiving device close baby. If the monitor detects an unusual event – such as no breathing, or baby lying on its tunny, an alert is made on the smartphone app. Most newborns sleep in the same room signal should not be a problem. “I don’t need to monitor baby in the same room – why not just look?” – well, when sleeping you can’t watch and the App’s alerts will wake you to investigate.

Initially I was disappointed that this wasn’t a wifi device – thinking that would make it far more useful. But the truth is that wifi signals are far more powerful, and the power requirements would mean the device would be too large, and require constant charging. Just like a smartphone.

The standard “watch battery” CR2032 is used in this device, and each battery lasts for about a week. There has been media coverage about children swallowing small metal batteries, and the devastating damage they can cause. Rest assured, the battery is secured within a screw-secured compartment. The battery itself will never get in contact with flesh. The low power Bluetooth signal hasn’t got much range and is only effective within the same room, but realistically this should not be a problem. If, however, you wish to monitor baby in another room then the MonBridge comes in to play. This relays the signal from an IOS or Android to wifi router – allowing a smartphone in another room to continue to monitor in real time. It works well, even if you do need a little bit on technical knowhow. Having used the Monbaby technical support to get the Monbridge working, I can attest to the company’s commitment to ensuring customers have an effective, working, solution.

I’m impressed with the Monbaby, the app, and the Monbridge. It works as hoped for and the alerts are clear and effective. The Monbaby should help parents get a more restful night’s sleep. Technology is forever moving forward, but it’s good to see a company bringing out effective, and useful, new devices to solve everyday problems.
Good company support. Pretty straightforward setup of just the Monbaby. A little bit of work on ensuring Monbridge works straight out of the box will make this a really useful baby monitor. I like it.

HIgh quality and good value

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This is at the cutting edge of monitors – works from an App that you install on the your phone and enables to monitor all baby’s movements and cries. A worthy piece of kit

Good helpful baby gadget if you like including your phone / tablet!

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Just as the description says it will do, it does! works perfectly! Be sure that you have a good Phone / tablet with a good bluetooth connection. Had some contact with monbaby company, and they helped me out great! Great people who love what they do, and go a mile for good customer service! Recommend it!

Peace of mind

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What a great bit of kit, we have it running on our iPad pretty much all the time. It connects every time without any problems and even lets you know if the connection has been lost. You can set the activity level so as your baby gets more active you can tone down the sensitivity. It will also tell you if your baby has rolled over or even fallen out of bed. Of course it reassures you about babies breathing and gives you a handy little graph that indicates activity level. The info on the graph is really useful as after you’ve been using it a while your able to gage weather your little one is in a deep sleep or not. I can’t stress enough how much peace of mind the Monbaby has given us we sleep well at night knowing that Monbaby is looking over our little one.

Great idea for reassurance

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For anyone who is a first time mum, then I can see why this would be of comfort and help reassurance that all is good at night with your baby.

I thought the size of this was brilliant, bit bigger than a 10p piece. Comes with an app this is easy to sync and use. Completely user friendly. All works via Bluetooth connection and can only be used in the same room as you and your phone. Which in fairness is says very clearly.

Device is really lightweight and fits easily onto the baby grow. So no issues there.

This is a product to ease concern that any first time mum would have when their baby sleeps. It’s a natural feeling to have. What this product does is alleviate worry.

Price wise…. I would have personally priced this at £75 but it’s still a great product

New Mum's and Dad's can finally relax enough to sleep whilst the baby's sleeping

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I really like this device. I think that with some more work and refinement it will be truly superb but even as it stands it’s excellent.

Okay so first things first. On arrival the first thing I did was download the monbaby app and this took all of about 30 seconds. Pairing the device and my phone was absolutely no problem and since using it the app has never crashed or stalled. The device itself is small and light (think 50p) – it’s definitely not going to annoy your baby and will fit to any clothing.

The app works via bluetooth and as it says on the package and listing it works best when your phone and the monitor are in the same room. That said I have used it and went into different rooms and it worked fine. I did notice a drop in signal when I went out of the room a few times but I expected this as it does make this very clear on the box. This is however one of the things that I think needs tweaked – an extended range on this would be brilliant.

The device and app does exactly what it says and it’s really good to be able to customise the alerts that you received – or don’t receive.

Where this device comes into it’s own however is during the night, or those precious hours during the day when they are truly fast asleep. As a new Mum I found myself getting up just to go and check on them, if I didn’t hear them fussing. I didn’t want them to fuss, I wanted them to “sleep like a baby” but I found it hard to settle when I couldn’t hear them. This device doesn’t alter the level of attention or care I give my baby but it does allow me to calm down and relax a little so that when they’re sleeping I can sleep, or I can get on with doing chores and housework.

For peace of mind this is the perfect device – it doesn’t have a great range – yet (I’m quite sure they’re working on this) but for simply giving me the peace of mind knowing that they’re simply sleeping safely this was perfect and I’m absolutely delighted that I got the chance to test this.

Great product at a competitive price

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Received the MonBaby quickly from Amazon and followed the instructions in the manual to set it up. Had a easy time calibrating it and tested the rollover feature right away. As soon as I turned my baby from back to stomach, I received an alert on my phone (pretty loud). The app has a lot of alerts but I’m primarily interested in rollover which worked great. Continuing using the device now and aiming to update the review in a few weeks to see if there are other highlights to include. Overall, a good recommendation as supplementary monitor to video as it offers something unique.

Removes the need to fidget through the night

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I really like the mission of this product. If you have a newborn or know someone with a newborn you’ll be well aware of either experiencing or hearing about the nightly, many time check ups you have to perform. Most of which are out of a necessity to “just check”, with no real need except making sure he or she is still sleeping soundly.

This only works well when you and your smartphone are in the same room as the baby, but then the whole idea of this is to provide peace of mind at the early stage of sleeping. At the stage your baby graduates to the next room then of course, this could still work in conjunction with an audio/video monitor or with just the monitor. I have tested it in the next room and it does work, though I’ve noticed a couple of drops in signal, so perhaps this isn’t viable, especially if the whole point is to alert you to movement.

The build is really small, thin, and very light. It clips easily to any kind of baby sleeping grow/pajama and it stays there all night. I think the different options for alerts are great, which can be switched on or off as you please. The design of the app is clean, smooth and simple, giving good

No replacement for good parenting, but still a handy backup for reassurance.

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I requested this product for my friend who is first time mum. She’s been using it for about a week now and she seems completely different person now, and more like the person I knew before her baby came along. Before Monbaby, when I came to visit my friend, she wasn’t able to sit still through a cup of tea. She was nervous and constantly checking on her baby. Now we had whole lunch together and she didn’t move once. What a change! She tells me that this product works incredibly well. She is able to sleep more and do more during the day. Even the relationship with her husband has improved. When her baby is asleep, she puts her phone on the monbaby app, ensuring the alarm is set and goes on with her day around the house. My only concern would be that this might remove basic common sense in some, and mothers might rely too much on a device rather than trusting their own intuition and observation skills. This device doesn’t replace good parenting!

** The MonBaby works optimally when placed in the same room with your smartphone

** Compatible with iPhone 5 and above and Android devices with 4.4 software and Bluetooth 4.0

I noticed that if you visit, you can request a free e-book called ‘SAFE SLEEP A NEW PARENT’S GUIDE.’

From the makers of monbaby:
“MonBaby is an award-winning baby monitor that snaps onto any article of a child’s clothing, just like a button. MonBaby’s uniqueness lies in its universal form factor. Use it as your child grows! Any onesie or pajama works. MonBaby takes a different proactive approach to monitoring. Breathing movements, body position (on the back or on the stomach), fall detection, proximity removal – choose only the alerts you want to receive.”

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