Mondevices Exhibits At CE Week 2016

MonBaby CE Week 2016

We’re excited to debut the latest addition to our baby wearable line at this week’s CE Week conference in New York. The MonBridge application and complementary Kindle Fire tablet by Amazon will expand the connectivity of the award-winning wearable baby monitor MonBaby.

MonBaby uses Bluetooth Low Energy (BLE) technology to transmit alerts about a baby to a parent’s smartphone. MonBridge will take advantage of a user’s home WiFi network to further expand the range of the device.

 “Using BLE technology in the MonBaby device itself is the smartest option for use around babies and children,” said MonDevices CTO and MonBaby inventor Arturas Vaitaitis. “MonBridge takes the device’s connectivity to the next level, making it accessible anywhere you’d typically use your home WiFi network.”

MonBridge will come pre-installed on a Kindle Fire tablet, which serves a dual purpose as a tablet computer and e-reader. The announcement comes on the heels of a new packaging design for the brand, which can be viewed here.

MonBaby is currently available through a multitude of online sales channels, including,,, Amazon US, Amazon UK,, and many others. Later this year, the brand will be available in more than 400 Target stores nationwide, and has signed a series of deals with global distributors.

“We’re excited about our new and forthcoming deals that will make MonBaby available in South Africa, Turkey, Israel, Colombia, Ecuador, Panama, Ireland, Sweden, Norway, Finland, Denmark, UAE, and Russia, with many more markets in the near term pipeline,” said MonDevices CEO Lev Grzhonko.

You can demo MonBaby and MonBridge during CE Week at booth 260 at the Altman Building, New York, New York June 21-23. We hope to see you there!