Properly Installed Car Seat Saves Toddler’s Life

life saving car seat

A properly installed car seat is being credited with saving the life of a two-year-old boy.

Mom Kylee Barrett had two-year-old Hunter, pictured above, and five-year-old Kolton in her truck as they drove Kolton to school along icy roads. As Barrett explains, the truck hit some black ice and narrowly missed colliding with another car head-on, sliding off the road.


“We hit a tree on Hunter’s side of the truck,” she says. “The force flipped the truck and we landed upside down. The impact completely crushed Hunters side of the truck in. We all had to be cut out of the truck.”


But this—a rear facing Safety First car seat—as Barrett describes it—is what protected Hunter from being crushed with the truck.

It “saved his life without a doubt!” she says. “We were all taken to the hospital that morning by ambulance. Hunter ended up with a broken left femur and minor cuts and bruises. Kolton and I only ended up with some scrapes and bruises. Overall we are ok.”

It’s a sobering reminder for parents just how important it is to use and properly install car seats. The National Highway Traffic Safety Administration explains how to find and install the right car seat based on your vehicle and your child’s size here.

The Barretts have created a GoFundMe page to help cover the medical and damage expenses associated with the crash.