10 Fundamental Ways to Encourage Aspiring Authors

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Parents and teachers around the world can speak on the ways children benefit from reading, but children can also benefit from creating their own stories. Writing teaches children how to communicate their ideas. They can practice their empathy and learn about people different from themselves. Young writers can flex their imaginations to explore new places or create situations they’ll likely never face. They can have fun, find a new appreciation for books, and find a creativity that’s useful in any field.

Whether your child writes as a hobby or wants to become a professional, your support can help them become better writers. Here are eight ways to do just that:

1 | Let them write what they want

You might not be happy to see Call of Duty fan fiction or horror stories, but let your children write whatever they want. Writing something is better than writing nothing. If you try to tell them to write only original stories or to avoid some of their favorite things, they can lose their joy and confidence. No matter what genre they’ve chosen, they’re still learning fundamentals and becoming better writers. In the end, there’s usually a market for anything.

2 | Focus on exploring and learning

Writers face a lot of rejection and frustration, and few of them ever become best-sellers. Instead of pushing your children to finish a story they’ve lost interest in, let them move on to something else. If they want to try poetry or non-fiction or fan fiction, let them explore their options. The only goal is to keep them interested in learning new things. It’s okay if they never finish a story, and it’s okay if they lose interest in writing altogether.

3 | Help them if they ask for it

If your child asks for something specific,…

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