10 Parenting Lessons That Even Celebrity Moms Have To Learn

Celebrities always look like they have their lives totally together. In front of the TV camera, they wear a face of makeup that makes them look so well-rested, cheery, and even glowing. We only see a small glimpse of their lives through the media. However, with personal social media, it’s become easier for celebs to share their truths.

Once that makeup comes off, they’re just like any other mom. Celebrity moms have chores, teaching obstacles, and plenty of awesome playtime in their private lives.

These celebrity moms all learn the same lessons that a non-famous mom needs to learn. These are just 10 of the hundreds, thousands, or possibly millions of lessons moms have to learn during their journey through motherhood.

If you’re a mother, do you remember having to learn all of the lessons below? Which was the most difficult to get past, and which was your favorite?

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1. Laundry Is A Thankless Task

kristen bell

Mom of two Kristen Bell fired back with this honest picture on Twitter when a user doubted that she did her own laundry. Two kids create a lot of mess, and Mom (and Dad Dax Shepard) need to be there to get the job done! This is the task that never, ever ends.

2. Motherhood Is Full Of Strange Requests

needs a foot

When Selma Blair wanted to take a picture snuggling with her little one, he told her, “you should have a foot in the picture.” She obliged willingly because resistance is futile.

3. No Mom Is Safe From Germs


Busy Phillips spent one of her Thanksgivings with her lovely child in the ER, treating a case of strep throat. Even moms you see on TV deal with the worry and interruption that comes along with a sick child.

4. They’ll Outsmart You 50% Of The Time


Kim Kardashian posted this picture of North in her own little “spa” when she was supposed to be in a time out. When it gets too quiet, you know they’re up to something.

5. Nothing Belongs To You

dino shoes

Jessica Biel may have the fanciest shoes in town, but they’re still filled with plastic dinosaurs. What can you do as a mom but embrace it and snap a picture?

6. Playtime Is The Best Time

play time

Whether there actually is time or not is irrelevant, because you will find time to take a moment or a dozen out of the day to play with your babies. Zoe Saldana took this quick break in…

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