12 Moms Share The One Thing Someone Said That Helped Them Through A Difficult Pregnancy



Even under the best of circumstances, pregnancy can be difficult. But when you’re going through a particularly rough pregnancy, you’re going to need all the physical and emotional support you can get. Words of affirmation can be just the buoy an expecting parent needs, so I asked moms to share the one thing someone said that helped them through a difficult pregnancy. In the end and always, the more we know the more we can help.

Compared to others, my pregnancies weren’t terrible. They were, however pretty rough, especially my second. Between the nausea that lasted six months, the gestational diabetes, the insane swelling, the pressure of wanting to deliver VBAC, and the guilt of not being able to be as active as I usually was with my toddler, I was having a tough time coping.

“I’m sorry,” I said. Constantly. For everything. (As women are, I will point out, sort of trained to do and internalize from a young age.) I was sorry the house wasn’t perfectly clean. I was sorry I hadn’t been up to cooking dinner. I was sorry I couldn’t play with my son because I was throwing up. Enter my husband, who is generally pretty awesome but really stepped it up in the weeks I was gestating our daughter. “You have nothing to be sorry about,” he’d reply. “You’re growing a human. That’s a lot of work.”

That made me feel so much better. Not only did it assuage my guilt but it made me feel proud (not to mention even more in love with my dude). Eventually this was shortened to a simple and dismissive, “Growing a human,” after every time I needlessly apologized. It made a bad situation and feelings bearable. Thankfully, other pregnant women had other people in their lives to offer them the same support, in the following ways:


“That I would be a great mom no matter the circumstances and I would always have their help and support. (I left the father halfway through my first pregnancy and was going to raise the child alone.)”

“I have a lot of anxiety and was almost always worried about losing my baby. The phrase, ‘Today I am pregnant and I love this baby,’ became my mantra.”


“What you’re feeling is valid and real … After 8+ weeks of prodromal labor for four pregnancies in a row, it really did mean something to hear that… especially when explaining all…

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