25 Best Twin Halloween Costumes

Twin Halloween Costumes Pink Bunnies with Carrots

If you’re already prepping for the spookiest time of the year, you probably know that Halloween costumes for twins can be hard to come by. Luckily, we’ve made the ultimate inspiration board for the cute and creative twin Halloween costumes of your dreams. Whether they’re for boy-boy, girl-girl or boy-girl twins, here are our favorite homemade and store-bought options for the best twin Halloween costumes.

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Twin Baby Halloween Costumes

The best baby and infant twin Halloween costumes are ones that play off our favorite dynamic duos. Whether you’re going all out with miniature wigs or opting for a clever onesie, we’ve curated our favorites. You can look for more ideas for twin Halloween costumes for baby here.


Mustard and Ketchup
Your twins will look downright saucy in these made-to-order soft cotton onesies with snaps for easy diaper changes.
Buy it: $50 for the set, Etsy.com


Copy and Paste
Just in case you forgot your identicals are carbon copies of each other, here’s a pair of onesies that also come in eight different colors.
Buy it: $30+ for the set, Etsy.com


Mario and Luigi
In case you don’t feel like dealing with putting fake mustaches or hats on your little adventurers, these handmade onesies should do the trick.
Buy it: $20 for the set, Etsy.com


Pac-Man and Ghost
Your twins might not be chasing each other around yet, but these soft cotton bodysuits are a cute reminder of what’s to come.
Buy it: $28 for the set, Etsy.com


Photo: Courtesy of InCharacter; Courtesy of Fun World

Sunflower and Daisy
These zip-up polyester jumpsuits have diaper snaps and separate headpieces in case either of your little flowers wants to shed their petals.
Buy it: $23 for Sunflower and $50 for Baby Blossom, Amazon.com


Peas in a Pod
Your costume search will be a snap if you buy two of these soft felt bunting costumes.
Buy it: $11 each, Amazon.com


Salt and Pepper
Complete with set of felt hats, your twins are sure to spice up everyone’s Halloween night.
Buy it: $68 for the set, Etsy.com


Phil and Lil from Rugrats
You can dress up your twins as your childhood favorite cartoon mischief-makers by adding felt decorations to…

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