30 Fun DIY Halloween Games For Kids

easy halloween games for kids involving pumpkins and candy corn

We’ve rounded up some of the best—and easiest—Halloween games around, so you don’t have to. How’s that for a treat?

Boil, boil, but no toil and no trouble! You may think DIY Halloween games for kids mean a ton of work. But they don’t have to be—and you can forget bobbing for apples. We’ve borrowed the brains of top DIY bloggers to gather the best Halloween games for kids from the web (complete with easy how-to tips and tricks) so that you can make your next scary shindig an out-of-this-world delight—full of (kid-friendly!) fright. Whether it’s Pin the Spider on the web or a Witch Hat ring toss, these Halloween game ideas will make your next fright fest a ghoultastically good time.


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Easy Halloween Party Games for Kids

If fun, fast and painless are on the agenda, then these easy Halloween games for kids are your best bets for a quick party fix.

The Game: Halloween Ghost Cup Smash
The Inspiration: Organize Your Stuff Now
What You’ll Need: Halloween party games don’t get any simpler than this Ghost Cup Smash! All you need is a ball, translucent plastic cups and a black sharpie—draw ghost eyes on the cups and you’re ready to play!
How to Play: One of the easiest Halloween party games there is, simply stack the cups and toss the foam ball to see how many ghosts you can smash at once.

The Game: Mini Pumpkin Tic-Tac-Toe
The Inspiration: It’s Overflowing
What You’ll Need: A mix of mini orange and white pumpkins—real or faux—plus fun Halloween washi tape to make a tic-tac-toe “game board” on your table.
How to Play: Use the orange and white pumpkins in place of the Xs and Os. Whoever gets three in a row first wins!

The Game: Halloween Touch & Feel Game
The Inspiration: The Mumsy Blog
What You’ll Need: : Halloween party games should give a good scare! Everyday goodies get ghoulish when you fill a spookily painted box with containers stuffed with slimy worms (noodles), bleeding hearts (peeled tomatoes), brains (cooked cauliflower), and witch fingers (green beans).
How to Play: This fun game is a classic: Have kids stick their hands into the box and feel the creepy, crawly things inside. (No peeking!)

The Game: Pin the Spider on the Web
The Inspiration: Ella Claire Inspired
What You’ll Need: Make Halloween games easy with this simply spooky version of Pin the Tale on the Donkey. The Ella Claire Inspired blog’s printable version (scroll down to nearly the end of the post) means you can put it together without hassle. The only other items you need are tape and a blindfold.
How to Play: Tape the spider web poster to the wall. Hand each player a sticky spider printout or plastic spider (put tape on the back for easy “pinning”), blindfold them and give them a little spin as they aim to pin the spider onto the web. The player that gets closest to the center wins.

The Game: Dress the Mummy
The Inspiration: The Invitation Boutique
What You’ll Need: Lots of toilet paper! What’s easier than Halloween games for kids that only need one item?
How to Play: Pair the kids into groups of two, and hand each team a roll of toilet paper. The pair that gets mummified the fastest wins.

The Game: Pumpkin Hunt
The Inspiration: Crystal And Comp!
What You’ll Need: Lots of mini pumpkins for stashing, the smaller the better!
How to Play: If your kids have done a classic Easter egg hunt, they’ll know what to do! Ask them to look for hidden pumpkins throughout the designated space (we suggest a backyard or single room). Whomever has the most at the end wins a treat. This one works well as a pre-school Halloween party game too!

The Game: Easy I Spy Halloween Game
The Inspiration: Simple Play Ideas
What You’ll Need: All you need for this easy and fun Halloween party game for kids are candy corn and printouts of the site’s I Spy challenge Printable.
How to Play: During snack time at the table, give each child a Halloween games printout. Have an adult call out specific I Spy pumpkins. For instance, “I Spy a pumpkin between a rat and cat.” Have each child cover the correct pumpkin on their printout with a candy corn. Once all the pumpkins are found, everyone gets to eat all the candy on their printout!


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Fun Halloween Party Games for Kids

If your party style is all about DIY details and gorgeous, fun crafts, then we’ve got some sure bets when it comes to DIY Halloween games for kids.

The Game: Mini Ghost DIY Piñatas
The Inspiration: Oh Happy Day!
What You’ll Need: Balloons, glue, newspaper, scissors, cardstock, tape, crepe paper—and of course candy and a long stick. This makes a fun craft project for bigger kids who want to get in on the Halloween party games planning too.
How to Play: Once you’ve done the hard work of making these fun Halloween candy games, the rest is easy. Just hang and it’s time to play ghost busters!

The Game: Halloween Bean Bag Toss
The Inspiration: A Kailo Chic Life
What You’ll Need: Halloween games for kids are often a twist on traditional party games. This Halloween bean bag toss game for kids one is a colorful take on the traditional bean toss, involving wood planks and a drill. But you could just as easily do it by cutting holes into a large cardboard box. Whatever you use, paint it orange and black and collect a stash of store-bought bean bags.
How to Play: Even the littlest monsters can get in on the action here: Just toss the bean bags, aiming for the holes.

The Game: Halloween Glitter Slime Monsters
The Inspiration: The 36th Avenue
What You’ll Need: Halloween games for kids involving slime? How appropriate! Create slime out of glitter glue, Borax and water, then stash it in baby food jars decorated with paint, googly eyes, pipe cleaners and other ghoulishly fun goodies.
How to Play: Talk about boo-tastic toddler Halloween games! Little ones decorate the jars for a monstrously good time. Then let them take home their ghoulish glitter slime as party favors!

The Game: Halloween Sort-Of Skeeball
The Inspiration: Gets Bored Easily
What You’ll Need: This one goes on the list of Halloween party games for kids that involve a drill and a wood plank—but the results are worth it, promise! You’ll need a drill, nuts, bolts, buckets, a wood plank, paint, plus these handy instructions. Don’t forget bean bags or balls to play with.
How to Play: Once your faux-skeeball board is assembled, let your party people have at it, tossing the bean bags (or balls) to see who can score the most points in a short, timed session.

The Game: Mummy Bowling
The Inspiration: Sometimes Creative What You’ll Need: In these super-fun Halloween party games for kids, plastic containers take on a new life as bowling pins when you wrap them in ghostly white gauze and add googly…

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