30 Parents Who Totally Have the Whole Parenting Humor Thing Down

Parenting is beautiful, it’s fun, and it’s one of the best gifts in the world — it’s also difficult, emotionally trying, and sometimes just downright overwhelming. They say that sometimes you need to laugh so you don’t cry, so we’ve rounded up 30 parenting gold nuggets to help you laugh through it with these other moms and dads who have totally resigned to humor instead of tears.

1. This dad who was left alone with his son for five minutes.

2. This dad who was supposed to keep the baby up so she’d sleep through the night.

3. This mom who doesn’t want to interupt her son’s REM cycle.

Source: Flickr user Mike Burns

4. These parents who gave this epic teacher’s gift.

Source: Evermine / Stacy Dutton

5. This dad who used his handyman skills to build his newborn a shark bed.

6. These parents that figured out the best way to tell their identical twins apart.

7. This dad who came up with the best solution to get his kids to do chores.

8. This dad who believes that everyone should eat — erm, drink — at the same time.

9. This dad who need only turn to his lock screen for a good laugh.

10. This dad who has figured out how to keep all of the little animals in his house busy.

Source: Twitter user OWIP FunnyGifsFails

11. This…

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