5 Millennial Parenting Styles As Told Through GIFs

Marge Simpson with Bart, Lisa, and Maggie

When it comes to parenting styles, the saying “different strokes for different folks” definitely applies. And while no two parents parent alike, certain child-rearing trends gain popularity with each generation of moms and dads. Authoritarian vs. absentee parenting styles? That’s so last generation. Here’s a guide to what today’s parenting styles look like, as illustrated through GIFs. So next time you’re at the playground, your child’s soccer practice or attending a PTA, you’ll be well-versed.

Helicopter Parenting

No doubt about it, it’s a dangerous, dog-eat-dog world out there. Kids could bump their heads on the playground, get their feelings hurt during a playdate, or—nightmares of nightmares—not get into the right daycare, which ruins their shot at a decent preschool, which means you can forget about a good middle school or competitive high school, which means a top college is a no-go, and basically their entire future is ruined. To make sure their children stay safe—and on the path to success—helicopter parents are known to closely hover and constantly intervene. Because if you want something done right, you’ve got to do everything yourself—right?


Lawnmower Parenting

Why hover from above when you can be on the ground, clearing the path for your kid? Considered…

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