5 Ways to Help Your Kids Get Over the Back-To-School Jet Lag

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It’s happening. The thing you thought would never come has come. We’re back to school. Pools are closing. Backpacks are fattening up with things to be done. Buses are rounding the corners like jumbo jets ready to take your kids up and away to higher learning. And on those mornings as you stand at the end of your road and wave them off, the air is just a degree or two cooler and you feel made new again.

And then the full speed of autumn hits and your kids turn into Children of the Corn, hollow-eyed and monotone. They’re feeling the constant buzzing of homework and later nights and darker mornings and extracurricular activities and meals on the go. They have touched down in a new season on a new clock, but their bodies and minds are still in summer.

There are ways to gently bring them around though, so that it doesn’t feel quite like getting thrown off a moving walkway. Here are a few suggestions for easing the transition so that it doesn’t have to feel like the end of the world to wake up and do the school thing instead of the pool thing.

1 | Let the light shine in

We’re in a sweet spot right now at the tail end of summer when it gets light right around the time the alarm should go off. It doesn’t always work this way. In October, we’ll be buying new blackout shades and cursing the 5 p.m. darkness. But for now, the sun works in our favor. Let it help you wake them up. Leave the blinds cracked so that the natural light can wake the brain and the body and keep that Circadian rhythm working in your favor.

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