6 Fresh Parenting Styles from Around the Globe

Parenting isn’t the same everywhere. Sure, you’ve heard of “parenting styles”: There are helicopters, tigers, hippos, and so many more. But that doesn’t even take into account how other mamas do their thing across the world. No one’s saying you need suddenly start parenting like you’re from France — or anywhere else for that matter — but learning about how other moms deal with newborns, toddler tantrums, and all the other parts of parenting can only help to globalize your views and make you more understanding when it comes to what other people do.

A woman smiles at her toddler as she holds him

1. France: Ah, the French maman. She’s gotten much press in the parenting arena. Books such as Bringing Up Bébé by Pamela Druckerman have made waves across the ocean and sold some American moms on Parisian parenting. The French style focuses on overall life balance and giving kiddos their independence — and then (of course) there’s the food. You aren’t likely to catch French tots chowing down on mac and cheese that was prepared separately from Mom and Dad’s dinner. Nope. If Mama and Papa are eating Gruyere-smothered fillets, so are the kids.

2. Bali: You may not be able to wait until that magical day when your baby walks, but Balinese moms can. A major part of parenting a newborn is not letting your little one’s feet touch the ground. Okay, so baby can’t really walk yet….

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