6 Questions For Your Child’s Next IEP Meeting

The following post was originally featured on We Know Stuff and written by Julie Clarke.

This month is a good time to check in and see how things are going with your child and her program at school. Today’s blog is quick, but you’re likely already short on time, so let’s get right down to it. Here are a half dozen questions to answer before the year winds to a close.

Here’s your homework. Grab a notebook (or whatever you use to record notes for school meetings) and work on these six questions before your child’s next IEP meeting. It shouldn’t take too long, I promise.

  1. Where has growth occurred? Think about how your child started the school year. Did she have trouble focusing in class or standing in line? Is he remembering his homework? Are there other areas that show improvement? The key here is to look for growth — not so much whether the end goal is reached. Progress is progress, and that is a good thing! Jot down these areas now.
  2. What’s working? Is your child using tools provided by a specialist, such as a fidget object? Is it working? Are speech lessons helping? Is the chosen mode of communication between home and school adequate? (Again, the goal, here, isn’t to check this box off, but to note what to keep in the toolbox.) Write down what is working.
  3. What doesn’t seem to be? (Remember, some things take time.) OK, so maybe there are a few things that need revisiting. That’s OK! Is the fidget object more of a distraction than a help? Maybe it needs to go. Is your child coming home in…

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