6 Sweet Ways To Make Everyday Activities With Baby More Memorable

mom laughing with baby on bed

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Every parent wants their kid to have an idyllic childhood, bursting with candy-coated, Insta-filtered experiences. But too often, the daily grind of parenting prevents us from seeing specialness in the every day. While baby’s first birthday or visit with Santa is certainly album-worthy, so are the mundane moments that happen in between—and you definitely shouldn’t wait for a special occasion to celebrate. After all, infusing the routine of parenthood with fun traditions and poignant rituals is what makes a family your family. It’s what builds bonds. Here, six ways to make your day-to-day more meaningful for you and baby.

The Routine: Morning Wake-Up

The Make-It-Special Strategy: Sing a Song
A cheery “good morning” is nice, but a customized predawn song is so much better. And you don’t have to be a songwriting pro to bust out a good tune—or at least one baby will love. Case in point: My husband would greet our infant son with a sweet and silly head-scratcher of a song each morning. It was a mashup of an old Debbie Reynolds/Gene Kelly ditty and his oddball sense of humor, and went something like this: “Good morning, good morning! You’re my kitty, the butts, and the boos! Good morning, good morning to you!” No matter how many times my son woke up throughout the night—or how exhausted we were in the morning—this ridiculous song never failed to start everyone’s day with a smile.

The Routine: Bath Time

The Make-It-Special Strategy: A Skin-to-Skin Wash
I stopped using the overpowering baby washes and teeny washcloths I got at my baby shower pretty quickly because I wanted to smell my son’s natural, fresh scent—not some flowery…

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