7 Picture Books That Inspire Expression Through Writing


There is nothing quite like a child’s first story. Here are seven books that will encourage and inspire your little ones to use the power of writing to express themselves and channel those wild imaginations onto paper.


by Andrew Larson and Mike Lowery

A little boy wishes to write a story, but he doesn’t know how to write any words. His sister tells him that every story begins with a single word and every word begins with a single letter, and that would be a good place to start. So he starts with the letter “I.” With encouragement from his sister and ideas from his classmates, he goes on to complete the story with squiggly signs, lines, and drawings. This book encourages young children to use their imagination and whatever skills they have to express themselves.


by Janiel Wagstaff and Dana Regan

Do you know what it’s like to be inquisitive? To have your mind racing with questions? Stella does! This second grader wonders about things like hot air balloons, gymnasts, and different animals. With guidance from Ms. Merkley, Stella and her class set out to learn everything about chameleons and become experts in informative writing. This book is part of a series called “Stella Writes”. Stella is a fun role model for little writers. Always full of new ideas and enthusiasm.


by Eileen Spinelli and Anne Wilsdorf

A young girl is intent on winning a story writing contest so that she can go on a…

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