7 Tips to Reduce Pregnancy Stretchmarks

When I got pregnant with my first daughter, I was all about the lotions and the creams and the oils in the hopes that I wouldn’t get those infamous stretch marks. With all the studies out there saying up to 90% of pregnant women acquire stretch marks I was hoping I would be a lucky one not getting them.

And I believed genetics would not play into it. Boy was I wrong. In fact genetics do play a role. However, even with them playing a huge part, there are ways to help reduce the amount you get. I’ve found some natural ways to help reduce the amount of stretch marks I attain this pregnancy and wanted to share them with you.


Exercise will help promote good circulation of the skin, thus keeping it supple, according to the American Pregnancy Organization.

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bottles of water

Water is the key to hydration, and not only works to maintain a healthy pregnancy, but it can keep your skin’s elasticity fluid. As your belly stretches, the more elasticity it has, the better your chances are for reducing the amount of marks that may appear.

Read more about staying hydrated during pregnancy.

Vitamin E, C, and Zinc are known to help promote healthy skin and build collagen, which helps…

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