8 Creative Photo Ideas for Your Preschooler’s First Day of School

The lunch box is packed. The outfit is chosen. The crayons are sharpened. It’s the first day of school! And not just any first day of school — it’s the first day of the first school your child will ever attend. Obviously, you need a pic of your preschooler to mark this auspicious day. Before you point and shoot, check out these out-of-the-box ideas for the first day!

1. Candids: If candid photos don’t exactly seem creative, think again. Instead of a stock photo-like pose, catch your kiddo as she’s walking down the driveway with her new backpack on, when she’s velcroing her shoes, or as she’s hopping into the car.

2. Teacher Opp: As you walk your mini-me into her new pre-K room, it’s more than likely her teacher will be on hand to do the traditional, “Hey, we’re so excited to have you in our class!” greetings. Catch a cute handshake or just have the two stand next to each other. If you’re a plan-ahead mama, bring along an apple and snap a pic of your child handing it to her teacher.

3. Class Of: Print your preschooler a “Class of…” featuring the year she’ll graduate from high school. If you don’t want to get super-fancy, use fabric markers to DIY a…

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