8 Instructional Art Books for Your Aspiring Picasso

Between budget cuts and high-stakes testing, there is less room today for the arts in our educational system. Parents who value the arts or who want to support their child’s creative endeavors are often forced to seek out expensive after-school programs such as art classes and music lessons.

But there is a cheaper, and in some cases, better way. Books! If your child loves to draw or paint, consider arming them with a supply of how-to books. They’ll learn new techniques, feel inspired, and take their early tinkering to a whole new level.

Here are eight art books for your aspiring Picasso:


Quarry Books’ “Draw 500” series for the little artist in the family is a winning collection of guidebooks. These pocket-sized gems are filled with 500 illustrations covering everything from faces and features to nature and animals.

These are not step-by-step books, but a reduction of the elements that make up each piece so that a child can take the “pieces” in the future and create their own, one-of-a-kind designs.


Also from Quarry Books, the “20 Ways” series features a wide variety of instructional sketchbooks. With illustrated examples on over a hundred themes – trees, flowers, sea creatures, cute little animals, and more – your eager artist will never have a shortage of inspiration.

No extra paper needed either. There’s room on the pages for your child to practice their creations. Each example is simplified, modernized, and reduced to the most basic elements, showing how abstract shapes and forms create the building blocks of any item your child wants to draw.


Line drawing is an easy art form that resembles doodles. The form is perfect for kids because there are no…

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