8 Upcycling Projects to Transform Your Baby’s Nursery

It used to be an office or a junk room. Now it’s the crowning jewel of your home. It’s your baby’s nursery, and you’re all about creating something that looks like it jumped off the pages of a home decor magazine (or, more likely, jumped out of a decorator’s blog). Instead of starting from scratch, shop your own house for baby’s new furniture and room accessories. That’s right; you probably have plenty of finds that you can transform into nursery-friendly showpieces. So, go ahead, scroll on for eight nursery-ready DIY projects to repurpose your old decor, and get inspired.


1. Repurposed Dresser Bench: Yeah, yeah. Your baby is way too young to sit on a bench, but she probably has mountains of toys (even if she isn’t even born yet). Transform an old dresser into a kids’ storage bench. And bonus, it’s small enough that by the time she’s a toddler, your little one will be able to actually use it. (via My (Re)Purposed Life)

2. Bookshelf Changing Table: If you spent your pre-baby years Allen-wrenching roomfuls of IKEA furniture with your S.O., you’re in luck. You can turn a basic bookshelf into a brand-new changing table easily. (via…

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