9 Fun Activities to Do With Your Toddler Before Summer Is Over

The days are getting shorter, the air’s getting cooler, and back-to-school season is upon us. Summer is coming to an end (boo). But not to worry! Before the leaves start turning and it’s suddenly sweater weather, you still have time to get in some last-minute summer activities with your toddler. Check out some of our fave tot-time ideas that will get you bonding with your BTF (that is, best toddler friend).

1. Raid the veggie garden. You spent the summer with your little helper digging, sowing, and watering. Now that the fruits (err, vegetables) of your labor have grown to ginormous sizes, it’s time for the pre-fall harvest. Grab a basket, head outside, and help your tot to gather whatever is growing in your summer garden. Take the healthy treats inside and make a fresh salad (or maybe some B+C-approved squachos?) together.

2. Raid the veggie aisle at the grocery store. Okay, so you don’t really want to “raid” the vegetable aisle at the market, but we recognize that growing a summer garden isn’t something every mama does. Seriously, between the pool, the playground, and the tot camps, you barely have enough time to blink. Don’t stress if farming wasn’t on your summer agenda; you can still teach your toddler a mini lesson about the growing season. Visit the grocery store and talk about where some of your favorite summer veggies come from. Take your favorites home, and make those seasonal treats all the farmer mamas are whipping up.

3. Paint a picture outside. Pretty soon it will be all indoor play. That means covering the kitchen table with 32 layers of newspaper so your toddler’s finger paints don’t soak through. With a few warm weeks left, head outdoors and let your little artist throw down with an abstract paint storm…

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