A Florida School District Is Replacing Homework With Reading

Fall 2017 will mark the end of homework for Marion County, Florida. The new superintendent, Heidi Maier, has decided to do away with traditional take home assignments for its elementary school students, opting instead to assign 20 minutes of reading every night. The decision was backed by research that suggests too much homework, especially for young kids, can be detrimental to development and instill negative perceptions of school.

Marion County is, statistically, predominantly white and conservative, with 13.1 percent of the population sitting below the poverty line. Without Maier — who is also the district’s first female superintendent since 1928 — there is little indication that the move away from regular homework would have happened. But the overwhelming evidence that homework hurts kids and reading helps, along with pocketed counties throughout the U.S. pushing against traditional homework, has influenced the superintendent and subsequently put Marion County on the map.

boy reading book

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Multiple studies have found…

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