Adding Another Sibling Won’t Ruin Your Kids

Kids splashing fun at the beach

My big round stomach feels exactly like a ticking time bomb.

Sometime in the next three months, life as I know it will end forever. A new baby is on the way, and from experience, I know everything is about to change. Again.

This past summer lined up with my second trimester almost perfectly, so we decided to jam-pack our days with every item that’s been sitting on our “You know, we should really do X one day” list for the last couple of years.

With two boys less than 18 months apart, we have existed in survival mode ever since becoming parents. Now that the fog of babyhood was beginning to clear, we finally felt ready to be out and about again before the next forecasted storm hits later this fall.

So we went for it. We slathered ourselves in sunscreen, packed up our suitcases until over-flowing, and hit the road.

We traveled to Glacier National Park and crossed paths with mountain goats. We took the kids to splash in the water at the beach. The boys were mesmerized by their first glimpses of elephants and otters at the zoo. We flew across the country to visit my family for the first time in two years. We survived our first camping trip and watched as the moon eclipsed the sun. We picked blueberries, and the kids saw their first baseball game. My sons met their newest cousin, and for the first time, I introduced my youngest to his great-grandmother.

By the end of the summer, we were exhausted, dirty, and in possession of a slew of new family memories.

Pregnancy signals the start of a new life, not just for a child, but for the entire family. Accordingly, the old life passes away. This is not regrettable, but nevertheless, there is a definite sadness that comes when a phase in your family’s life will end.

For a new baby’s siblings, the addition can bring just as many changes as…

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