An Entire Family Is Wearing Helmets For This Heart-Warming Reason

Pictures of the Gutierrez family wearing helmets with their infant Jonas

Baby head-shaping helmets have never been so cute.

Lots of babies’ body parts are soft and malleable during development, especially their heads. Sometimes, baby’s head can actually flatten out because of sleeping positions, too much time in bouncers and car seats or even prematurity. Flat head syndrome (or plagiocephaly) is usually harmless, but doctors sometimes recommend wearing “baby helmets” for correcting the shape – think a mini skateboard helmet, but a million times cuter. When one Texas family recently found out that their infant needed to wear one, they decided to make helmet-wearing a family affair.

The Gutierrez family from San Antonio, Texas, told BuzzFeed News that when the doctor gave their 4-month-old Jonas…

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