Baby Teeth Basics (They’re A Big Deal!)

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Wondering when do babies get teeth and why you need to keep them sparkly even though they fall out anyway? We’ve got your answers.

Although baby didn’t come out of the womb with teeth, did you know that as soon as he enters the world he has already pretty much formed the crowns for all his baby teeth? You can’t see them yet because they’re hiding in the jawbones. One by one or, usually, two by two, baby teeth make their debut. This is not one of those milestones, like a first step, that you could miss if you blink. It’s usually a process that baby will make sure you know about!

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When Do Babies Get Teeth?

Generally speaking, baby will sprout his first tooth anywhere from 6 to 10 months old. Before you go marking your calendar, teething is no different than milestones like talking and walking in that there is no magical time you can bank on it to start.

Before one of those baby teeth breaks the gum, there are plenty of teething signs to warn you the big event is almost here. From drooling to sometimes even a fever, baby teeth announce themselves loud and proud when they’re ready to come out. That’s why teething can be a real challenge for baby or mom.

While many products on the market can help ease teething pain, they may not all be safe for baby. In fact, the FDA warns parents not to use homeopathic teething tablets or gels or any over-the-counter benzocaine gels (the last of which can lower the oxygen content carried in the bloodstream). Instead, use a cold washcloth compress and extra TLC to help ease the pain.

If baby teeth don’t sprout by around the 15-month mark, you should check with your pediatrician or dentist, advises Monica Cipes, DMD, MSD, of Cipes Pediatric Dentistry in West Hartford, Connecticut. Although there is a range of variability, this is a…

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