Best Umbrella Strollers To Fit Every Family’s Needs

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With hundreds of options on the market, choosing the right stroller for your family can feel just about as daunting as buying a car. And just when you thought, Done! You realize a second lightweight stroller could be so handy for traveling or for quick errand runs. That’s where the umbrella stroller comes in.

Compact and lightweight, an umbrella stroller typically weighs under 20 pounds (with most weighing less than 15 pounds) and folds vertically. That said, an umbrella stroller won’t have tricked-out features you’d find in a travel system, like a roomy storage basket or a bassinet attachment. And they’re typically not meant for newborns or babies under 4 months old. Still, in the world of baby gear, an umbrella stroller is no lightweight: See our picks for the best umbrella stroller that’ll be your family’s go-to travel companion.

Everyday Umbrella Stroller

You put a lot of research into choosing your first stroller. But as your child gets older, you might be wondering what kind of stroller should you use next. An everyday umbrella stroller can match several features of its stroller cousins, including a sturdy frame, durable fabric, easy-to-steer wheels and a reclining seat, making it a great option for daily use.

Best Everyday Umbrella Stroller: Inglesina Zippy Light

Photo: Inglesina

Best Everyday Umbrella Stroller: Inglesina Zippy Light

We wouldn’t be surprised if you started to phase out your original set of wheels for the Inglesina Zippy Light. It has tons of features you’d find on a larger stroller: a large, fully-reclining seat, an extendable canopy, a one-handed fold and all-wheel suspension. While you’ll pay extra for these features, this is the best umbrella stroller that’s built to last.
Stroller weight: 15 pounds
Weight capacity:
Buy it: $330,

What parents are saying: “Overall, I really like this stroller. The price is steep for an umbrella stroller. However, the Zippy Light has enough features and seems durable enough that I think it is suitable for heavy daily use for city dwellers like myself. I would say that it is definitely worth the price if it can get us through a couple of winters here in New England.” — Amazon reviewer

Lightweight Umbrella Stroller

Umbrella strollers are lightweight by design. But if you’ll be navigating stairs or even airport travel, every pound matters. Thankfully a lightweight umbrella stroller can weigh as little as 10 pounds, half the size of a regular umbrella stroller.

Best lightweight umbrella stroller: Maclaren Mark II

Photo: Maclaren

Best Lightweight Umbrella Stroller: Maclaren Mark II

A trusted brand since the ‘60s, Maclaren makes nothing but umbrella strollers. Their latest—and lightest—is the new Maclaren Mark II. Without the detachable hood or storage basket, it weighs 7.3 pounds. And guess what? This best umbrella stroller reclines.
Stroller weight:
Weight capacity:
Buy it: $200,

What parents are saying: “I needed a stroller for my almost-3-year old son that was light enough to tote around the city on subways and buses, and this fits the bill. On our first subway outing, my son dozed off on my shoulder on our way home, and I was able to carry him and the folded stroller up two flights of stairs, unfold it without waking him, and settle him inside still asleep—a feat that I doubt would have been possible with our previous umbrella stroller.” — Buy Buy Baby reviewer

Umbrella Stroller for Travel

Because they’re lightweight and compact, all umbrella strollers are good for travel. But some additional features can make a travel umbrella stroller great. Do its dimensions allow it to fit in the overhead compartment on a plane? Does it weigh even less than 15 pounds? How compact is it folded up? All important things to consider when looking for the best umbrella stroller for travel.

Best Travel Umbrella Stroller: GB Pockit

Best Umbrella Stroller for Travel: GB Pockit

If you’re packing for a trip and serious about traveling light, the GB Pockit is so compact it set a 2014 Guinness World Records for its diminutive size. An accordion-style fold makes it small enough—11.8 inches by 7 inches by 13.8 inches to be exact—to fit under an airplane seat.
Stroller weight: 9.5 pounds
Weight capacity: 55 pounds
Buy it: $250,

What Parents Are Saying: “I took it on the plane as a carry-on. It slid right under the seat. Literally. Right underneath. When we were getting off the plane in Grand Cayman, my husband was holding my daughter, I was holding my son’s hand, and we walked down the ramp off the plane and in a total of 6 seconds. I opened two strollers and strapped my kids in to walk through the airport with them. This was gold. I had moms coming up to me asking me where I got this stroller. They were in awe of the size and the fact that it folded.” — Amazon reviewer

Umbrella Stroller With Storage

If you know you’ll be toting around a lot of stuff, then the best umbrella stroller for you will have a big under carriage basket. While some umbrella strollers skip the under-seat storage basket altogether, a few have smart features for maximizing space.

Best Umbrella Stroller With Storage: Summer Infant 3Dtote

Photo: Summer Infant

Best Umbrella Stroller With Storage: Summer Infant 3Dtote

Summer Infant features an expandable storage basket that extends up the backside…

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