Books That Build Self-Confidence in Kids


What seems so normal within the walls of our house – eating crackers with peanut butter, mayo, and pickle relish, wearing costumes, or using family nick-names – can all be threatened by social norms when our kids go to school or play with friends. When kids are young they don’t think about other people’s opinions, but this slowly changes as they grow. These are some of my favorite books for teaching little ones how to be confident in who they are and how to treat others who are not the same as you.



by Syd Hoff

Oliver is an elephant who knows his strengths. When he is rejected from the circus he doesn’t give up. Oliver tries to follow the traffic laws as a car, he tries to be someone’s pet dog, and he tries to be a horse. But he knows this is not who he is. Oliver quickly learns that he can only be an elephant and that an elephant can bring a lot of strength and fun. When he embraces who he is he finds that his dreams come true!


by Munro Leaf

Ferdinand lives in a world where bulls are rough and tough fighters. Everyone in the city expects him to be like all the other bulls. Only Ferdinand’s mom knows who he truly is and allows him the space to explore and dream. When Ferdinand is taken to Madrid for a bull fight he stands strong in who he is, “no matter what.”


by Patty Lovell

A small girl with a giant amount of confidence, Molly Lou Mellon sings out loud in celebration, believes in who she is, and is brave in new situations. She uses comedy when being made fun of. This book…

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