Brace Yourself: These Are The 10 Germiest Kids’ Items

baby chewing on colorful toys

Like the vast majority of parents, germs are probably your Public Enemy no. 1. You’ve read all the tips for keeping baby healthy – being cautious about where to take baby, nagging about hand washing, vaccinating – and you’ve scoped out the whole house for potential germ breeding grounds.

If you’ve been looking for more proof that germs are literally everywhere, you’re in luck. The staff at A Secure Life did some swab tests and found out the top 10 germiest spots in the average household. Here they are, from least to most germy.

10. Car Keys The metal surface of car keys, often kept in the kitchen, can attract harmful strains of bacteria that can make you or baby sick.

9. Tablet/cellphone Before you let little hands grab at your device, first think about where it’s been. Swabs found that cell phones tend to have a type of bacteria that can cause infections in unprotected wounds.

8. Bedroom door/doorknob You’ve probably been trained to know that door handles are a place to disinfect; here’s more proof.

7. Board book These might seem harmless, but it turns out that potentially ear infection-causing bacteria grew on the books that researchers swabbed.

6. Plastic toy Researchers found that the top and front of plastic toys tend to be the germiest part of the item.

5. TV remote Give it…

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