Can You Paint While Pregnant? Some Things To Consider While Preparing That Nursery



Isn’t planning, furnishing, and decorating the nursery one of the best parts about preparing for a new baby? There are stuffed animals to buy, furniture to choose, themes or colors to decide on, and walls to paint. But can you paint while pregnant? You totally want to get in there and help (or do it yourself), but should this be a job for your partner or a friend? What are the risks?

According to the American Pregnancy Association (APA), there are unfortunately no studies documenting the effects of household painting on pregnancy and your baby. However, there is a common assumption among experts, which is painting your home (or nursery) “involves very low levels of exposure.”

The National Health Service (NHS) recommended that you stay away from solvent-based, or oil-based paints and spray paints when painting the nursery, and avoid stripping old paintwork in old houses because they probably contain lead.

But what if you live in a really old house, like I do? Mine was built in the ‘20s, but even if…

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