Can You Request To Be Induced? Pregnancy Feels Eternal

The end of pregnancy is like the end of the world. Infrastructure and government crumble (you’ve quit doing housework or grocery shopping), and citizens revolt (your other kids demand you resupply the Goldfish). Time slows to a crawl, and if it weren’t for your dignity, you would, too. At some point in the sciatica-riddled final weeks, when you feel like a parade float and have to pee every half hour, you throw up your hands. Can you request to be induced? Because you feel like you’ve been pregnant forever.

Megan Schmitt, MD, is a Park Nicollet OB-GYN who delivers at Methodist Hospital Family Birth Center in St. Louis Park, Minnesota. In an email interview, she explains that doctors follow strict guidelines, and for good reason. While babies are considered full term after 37 weeks, the Eunice Kennedy Shriver Maternal-Fetal Research Center recently took a closer look at babies born via elective induction. According to Schmitt, an induction is “elective” when there’s no medical reason for it — if the mother is uncomfortable, for instance, or invested in a particular birthdate. She writes:

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