Can You Use Nasal Spray During Pregnancy? That Congestion Is No Joke

I was constantly congested when I was pregnant — it’s like my nose was a clogged pipe that always dripped. I’m also severely allergic to mold and was pregnant mostly in the fall and winter — gah. Little helped, like nasal spray, but, can you use nasal spray during pregnancy, or is it just as off limits as aspirin and vodka?

When it comes to any medication you may take while you’re pregnant, you need to check with your provider before taking anything. Every mother is different, and will react differently to medicine. However, in general, some medications, like acetaminophen, have long been considered safe for pregnancy, while others, like aspirin, are a no-go.

There are myriad types of nasal spray on the market: everything from allergy meds to your basic Afrin can be inhaled, so how do you know which ones are considered safe for pregnancy?

Nasal spray has been considered one of the best and safest means of administering medication to pregnant women…

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