Did You Know You Should Have Been Cutting Grapes Like This the Whole Time?

We all know we’re are supposed to slice grapes before giving them to young children to prevent possible choking. But what if your little one somehow snags a whole one without you realizing? Or what if you’ve been cutting them — but just the wrong way?

Sophie Jackson found out in the most frightening way possible when her 2-year-old son, Jake, put a few grapes in his mouth and immediately started choking. In her Facebook post detailing the events, she chronicles the steps she took — some incorrect, according to the American Red Cross — that thankfully led to the boy’s recovery.

She said she immediately put him over her knee and hit his back several times, and when that didn’t work, she put her fingers down his throat. The Red Cross, however, advises that such “back blows” be done in conjunction with abdominal thrusts. Smacking the back alone could move the food into a more dangerous position and make the child stop breathing, as can rooting around in…

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