Do You Sunburn More Easily When You’re Pregnant? Here’s The Deal



When you become pregnant, you might notice that your skin burns a little quicker, dries out a little faster, and breaks out a little more than before you were pregnant. Unfortunately, thanks to hormones, your skin undergoes many changes during those nine-plus months. If you’re a sun worshiper, however, you wonder if you sunburn more easily when pregnant or if your sunscreen has just expired.

According to The Bump, you may be more sensitive to sun when pregnant. Why? Well, thanks to the surging hormones, you may be more susceptible to dark patches on the skin known as melasma. Additoinally, according to Parents, pigment-producing cells known as melanocytes, kick into overdrive when you’re pregnant, making you more susceptible to other forms of discoloration when exposed to UV rays.

Another reason that the sun might be more harmful to you while pregnant is because sunbathing can drain the body of much-needed fluids, which causes dehydration and overheating, according to BabyMed. When you’re pregnant, denying fluids to your body can cause undue stress and possibly lead to pre-term contractions. An overheated body can also have an increase in core temperature, which BabyMed noted could cause birth defects.

But burns and dehydration aren’t the only risk. You might also risk developing skin cancer if you don’t properly protect yourself during pregnancy. “Pregnancy alters your immune…

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