Does Your Hair Become Curlier During Pregnancy? Science Explains

Ashley Batz/Romper


During my first pregnancy, my hair changed a ton. It was thicker and shinier and I loved it. During my second pregnancy, I have no idea what it did because it was always up in a ponytail. (Mom life.) But plenty of people experience changes in their hair throughout their pregnancies, whether it’s in the thickness or even the texture. But does your hair become curlier during pregnancy? It certainly seemed like mine did.

I have naturally very, very curly hair. Before I had kids, though, it was easier to manage. I could sleep in a bun and the curls would be more loose and wavy. After I gave birth to my daughter, that all changed. My curls got curlier, my tangles were more difficult to manage, and the texture changed entirely. My hair requires a ton of product just to keep the baby hairs in place nowadays and if I want it to be completely straight? I have to pay someone else to do it. Don’t get me wrong, my curls…

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