13 Essentials For Traveling With Baby, Tried And Tested By A Dad Of Twins

Travel tips Baby in pack with father while traveling by the sea

Traveling with children doesn’t have to be a high-stress event that ends in tears and tantrums—especially for parents. The days of family vacations in the back of a station wagon that you remember from your youth are over and there are so many more things to keep your kids occupied and happy than just playing license plate bingo. A massive selection of products are available to parents that can help make taking a road trip, flight or cruise much easier and hassle-free.

There are so many brands trying to grab attention of parents out there that it can be difficult to know what to trust and what’s a waste. It usualy takes a recommendation from another parent or a short trial period to know what works for you.

These are my favorite items from the trips we’ve taken with our 1-year-old-twins and the ones that have helped keep our trips fun and enjoyable along the way. We never would have made it through a weekend getaway to the Mystic, Connecticut, aquarium and seaport without our umbrella stroller navigating the tight spaces. A hanging changing pad saved my bacon—and probably prevented at least one disease—in less-than-ideal restrooms on weekend trips into New York. Whether heading across the state in the back of a minivan or traversing the globe, these items will keep you and your kids sane while away from home.

Toppist Portable Mini Air Inflatable Bathtub

Toppist Portable Mini Air Inflatable Bathtub

Photo: Toppist

Let’s face it, kids get stinky. On vacation, they’re probably running around a bunch, spilling all kinds of interesting and new things on them and going potty in less than savory locales. While in New York, one of our boys ended up with a squid tentacle up his nose. These things happen. Most hotel rooms have bathrooms that weren’t exactly designed for infants and toddlers. With this inflatable tub, you can still get in those baths on the nights you have the energy to go beyond a baby wipe bath. Deflating it down allows it to fit easily in a suitcase.

Buy it: $29, Amazon.com

MacLaren Triumph Umbrella Stroller

Maclaren Triumph Umbrella Stroller

Photo: Maclaren

We love our normal daily big stroller with the huge tires that allows us to take the boys anywhere. We didn’t think we needed a portable umbrella stroller. Then we got this in the twin version and were suddenly 10 times more mobile. Getting into stores and restaurants—especially the tight quarters in Europe—is so much easier now with this compact stroller. Even getting up and down stairs when needed is less of a back-pain inducing exercise thanks to a lightweight frame. With this stroller, we can even fit other things in the trunk of the car for weekend getaways. No other item has changed our vacation strategy as much as this stroller.

Neat Solutions Tabble Topper

Neat Solutions Table Topper

Photo: Neat Solutions

Our kids are absolute slobs when food comes around. Since they were about 9 months old, they decided they need to feed themselves. And as their dad, it’s okay for me to say that they aren’t the most skilled at it yet. These disposable placemats are good for big messes. And they’re adhesive, which is good because placemats are a favorite toy to play with. We also don’t need to worry about the cleanliness of the tables the boys are eating off of and get slightly fewer side-eye looks from restaurant staff. If only they let us bring the dog—they would have no mess to clean up at all.

Buy it: $9 for 60, Target.com

Munchkin Miracle 360° Training Cup

munchkin miracle 360 training cup

Photo: Munchkin

While traveling during the spring and summer, kids get hot. These cups allow them to cool down while practicing normal cup-drinking skills and not creating a huge mess. An innovative lid design requires them to press down on the lid while drinking, allowing normal cup drinking behavior while preventing spills. They’re also super easy to clean and pretty light to pack in a day bag.

Buy it: $13 for 2, Amazon.com

Munchkin Miracle Stainless Steel 360° Sippy Cup

munchkin miracle stainless steel

Photo: Munchkin

Mommy and daddy have their Yeti mugs for keeping beverages cool on vacation and the boys get their version of the stainless steel mug with these. They…

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