Best Holiday Gifts for New Parents

Holiday shopping for a new or expecting parent can be tricky. You want to get something that they’ll not only love, but actually use as well.

We’ve scoped out the best products around and found 11 smart and safe baby gifts that are sure to be a hit for the new parent on your shopping list.

1. Smart Baby Bottle

Feeding your new baby may seem simple, but it can also come with a slew of questions: am I feeding him enough? How long should she eat for?

Smart baby bottles are a new product in the marketplace that help solve these parental puzzles, monitoring how much a baby is eating in real-time and alerting parents to potential problems, like air bubbles or lumps that’ll stop the flow of milk.

2. Wearable Baby Monitor

You probably know by now that wearables are a convenient way to track important health and fitness data. But did you know they’re also a highly useful monitoring tool for parents?

Wearable baby monitors like MonBaby Breathing and Rollover Monitor allow parents to track a baby’s breathing movement and sleep position from their smartphones.

If there are any signs something is wrong in the crib, the parent will receive an audible alarm directly to their phone!

MonBaby helps parents follow the safe sleep recommendations, which state that babies should be placed to sleep on their backs to reduce the risk for Sudden Infant Death Syndrome. MonBaby sends parents an alert if the baby rolls from their back to their stomach.

3. Soothing Mobile

Spinning, colorful mobiles can help soothe a baby to sleep. Now, there are mobiles that can sense your baby’s movements and respond based on his or her sleep cycle.

Mood lights, music and white noise are projected based on your baby’s activity level.

4. Food Steamer

Parents who aren’t a fan of pre-packaged baby foods can easily make their own using an at-home steamer. Steamers allow you to cook and puree meats, fruits and vegetables for baby to eat right in your own kitchen.

Bonus: they also double as a great sterilizer for pacifiers and bottles.

5. Wearable Thermometer

Trying to hold your wiggly baby in place to take his or her temperature is a thing of the past!

Wearable thermometers take the form of a gentle, stick-on patch that adheres to a baby’s skin for up to 24 hours. It can not only track temperature changes, but send alerts to your phone.


TempTraq Wearable Thermometer

6. Car Seat Clip

We’ve seen countless stories in the news of parents accidentally leaving their babies in hot cars. Smart car seat clips are designed to save lives, instantly alerting parents who have absent-mindedly left their babies behind.

The small device syncs with your phone and sends you an alarm if it detects a baby in the car seat after you’ve left the vehicle.

7. Freckle Baby Reversible Bib

Freckle Baby‘s bib is unique because it has a snap leash for keeping teething toys and pacifiers close in hand. Made triple thick out of organic cotton, this bib will handle heavy droolers! Once one side is soiled, just flip to the other side since all Freckle Baby bibs are reversible. Currently offered in 4 colors: Pink, Orange, Blue, and Mustard.
freckle bib


8. Interactive Stuffed Animal

These cuddly Bluetooth-enabled toys are baby’s perfect companion, connected to mom or dad’s smartphone at all times.

Controlling the toy from an app, parents can play songs, tell stories and even talk to their baby in their own voice from the animal.

9. Cord Bundler

It may seem like such a simple gift, but it’s one that’s often overlooked by new parents. Cord bundlers eliminate one of the biggest household hazards for babies—dangling cords from curtains and blinds.

These small plastic gadgets snap onto cords and bundle them away, out of baby’s reach.

10. Tablet

That’s right—even the youngest humans love tablets like the iPad. They can be a valuable learning tool for growing minds and a lifesaver for parents on long car trips.

Just be sure to grab a protective case—many manufacturers offer special cases just for little fingers!



11. SnoofyBee 3-in-1 Changing Pad

The folks at SnoofyBee came up with a genius solution for diapering wiggly kids by combining a portable diaper pad with a playmat! The wipe-clean surface ensures easy cleanup for even the most unexpected messes.

snoofy bee

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