The 7 Hidden Hazards Parents Need to Child Proof

child pulling pan from stovetop

Parenting is about taking a deep breath and managing risk. And when it comes to child proofing, sometimes it’s about managing the management of risk. Which is to say: If the risk of a kid killing or injuring themselves in the pan cupboard is nearly zero, why manage it the same way you’d manage the knife drawer? That way lies anger and burnout because, ultimately, Child proofing a home is a thankless and difficult task. After all, if the various locks or covers work then nothing happens. That’s the best case scenario. Nothing. So it pays to prioritize.

For some perspective and guidance on where to start, it helps to look at statistics from the Center for Disease Control. According to the most recent data, there are five major causes of death for kids from zero to 4 years old (the time period for which childproofing is likely to be most effective). They are: Suffocation, Drowning, Motor Vehicle Accidents, Burns, and Poisoning. The leading causes of accident injury for the same age range include: Falls, Being struck against or by an object, Bites and stings, Swallowing a foreign body, and Cuts.

It’s important to note that a kid can’t be protected from all of these things by child proofing. For instance, the proper use of car seats and safe sleep habits are key in combating the biggest dangers. And, yes, car seats are ultimately a form of child proofing. But that’s a semantic argument. The point here is to highlight the stuff that you absolutely need to child proof–the stuff you want to get done day one.

boys making mess in bathroom

What? Window Treatment Cords
Why? Airway Injuries
How? The best advice is to install window treatments that do not have cords. No matter how well a cord is managed there is always a risk of a kid getting it wrapped around their neck whether accidentally or through play.

Changing window treatments doesn’t have to be an expensive task if parents opt to install cordless blinds or shades…

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