Everything You Need to Know About the Signs of Labor

OMG, your water just broke! Orrr maybe you just peed. You’re not the first woman in the history of childbearing to feel kind of clueless when it comes to deciphering the signs of labor, especially if it’s your first time around the L and D room. Maybe you’ve headed out to the hospital (and been sent home) more times than you’d care to admit, or maybe you just want to mentally prep for the birth day. Whatever your reason is, we’re covering some of the most common signs of labor from “Yes! It’s go time!” to “Hang in there, girl.”

1. Your water *actually* breaks. This is it. You absolutely can’t walk around for days or weeks after your water breaks. It’s just not healthy. Your baby needs an amniotic environment to survive, and when your sac severs, it’s go time. Before you kick it into high gear and rush off to the hospital, you need to make sure that it really was your water that broke. Sometimes the baby applies pressure in just the right way to make you pee a little. When the amniotic sac breaks, it may be in one big gush or a slight trickle. If you have any doubt, it’s always best to call your medical provider ASAP.

2. You have consistent contractions. If you’re having…

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