Having Trouble Potty Training? This Dad’s Guide Can (Maybe) Help

Toddler on the toilet potty training

It’s right around that time of year when parents begin experiencing a distinct feeling of panicked shame: Your toddler is getting ready for preschool and they’re totally not potty-trained. La Guardia Cross feels you. To help, the YouTuber and Florida dad of two created a handy 22-step guide to potty training.

It’s worth a watch the whole way through, but we boiled it down to the seven most important steps.

1. The realization

potty training daughter holding diaper

Photo: La Guardia Cross via YouTube

“Realize that your daughter is about to turn 3 and you never seriously took the time to potty train her. But you figure if she tells you when her diaper is dirty, gives you a clean one and then disposes of the dirty one, yeah, she’s probably ready.”

2. Ditch the diapers

potty training underwear

Photo: La Guardia Cross via YouTube

“Hide all the diapers, put your child in underwear, and commit to taking them to the bathroom every 20 minutes for one full day. Remind them…

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