Here are the tiniest diapers for the smallest preemies

Babies born prematurely have their own set of challenges. Diapers shouldn’t be among them.

This week Pampers introduced the Preemie Swaddlers diaper in size P-3, three sizes smaller than conventional newborn diapers. They’re designed for the the most vulnerable babies – those born premature in the second trimester, weighing as little as one pound.

Credit: BusinessWire

Credit: BusinessWire

In 2002, Pampers was the first major diaper manufacturer to create diapers for premature babies. But making diapers even smaller proved to be an even greater challenge.

“When nurses asked us to design a diaper for babies as tiny as 1 pound, everyone at Pampers was inspired to create our best diaper yet for the most vulnerable babies,” said E. Yuri Herminda, vice president of North America Baby Care at Procter & Gamble, in a press release.

These P-3 diapers are shaped differently than typical newborn diapers to conform to a premature baby’s special shape. While other infant diapers have a wider core, which…

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