High Sugar Consumption In Pregnancy Can Increase Risk Of Baby’s Asthma, Study Finds

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But don’t let this scare you into swearing off dessert altogether.

Watching what you eat during pregnancy can feel like the ultimate balancing act. One on hand, you’re craving things that aren’t necessarily fruits and vegetables. ( Goldfish with strawberry ice cream, anyone?) On the other hand, you’re also thinking about the studies that show that refined carbs and sugar probably don’t provide the nutrients that baby needs. Now, there’s new evidence to back up the fact that you should probably cut down on your sugar intake, specifically.

There’s a pretty strong link between mom’s higher sugar consumption and higher rates of allergic asthma in baby, according to a study published on Wednesday in the European Respiratory Journal. Researchers measured moms’ consumption of what the World Health Organization calls “ free sugar,” or basically anything that contains refined sugars like fruit juice, honey and syrup. They found that moms who had higher sugar intakes during pregnancy were…

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