How Being A Preemie Changes Your Brain

Parent stroking preemie's head

For years, research has shown that prematurely born babies can have health problems, including trouble breathing, vision or hearing problems and other developmental delays. So when new research could point the way toward future treatments for underdeveloped preemies, it’s always good news.

Preemies’ brains have a particular cellular composition that shows how their brains try to “make up for lost time” in the womb, according to a report released on Tuesday by the Children’s National Health System. This particular study looks at a different part of preemies’ brains than most previous studies: the cerebellum. It’s the part of your brain that receives information from your spinal cord and sensory systems and coordinates things like posture, balance and speech. In this part of preemies’ brains, the cell patterns show that there’s often damage to nerve cells and high turnover of…

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