How to Select a Baby Mobile

SafeSleep6:2:18How to Select a Baby Mobile

For soon-to-be parents, there seems to be no end to the heaps of baby products vying for importance on the purchase list. It’s easy to see how that can be overwhelming! Some pieces of gear such as stroller or pacifier are basics that might see a lot of use. Some are designed to keep baby safe, like the MonBaby sleep position and breathing movement monitor. Others, like a baby mobile, are aesthetically pleasing or practically functional. But how can you choose a baby mobile that both you and your baby will love?

Why use a baby mobile?

Parents use a baby mobile for various reasons. They provide visual and audio stimulation for young infants and can help baby fall asleep. Mobiles give baby something interesting to look at while lying in the crib and can be a fashionable contribution to themed nursery décor. A mobile for baby can fit nearly any budget – spend over $100 on a fancy mobile or upcycle materials you have around the house and make one.

Different mobiles for different purposes

Baby mobiles have been in use since the early 20th century but they’ve come a long way since then. There are many different types of baby mobiles that serve different purposes. When considering which mobile to choose for your baby and nursery, it might help to ask yourself the following five questions:

  • What role will the baby mobile play? Decide what purpose you want the mobile to fulfill. Will it be soothing or stimulating? Should it entertain baby or lull her to sleep?
  • Where do you want the mobile to attach? Mobiles can be secured in the ceiling or attach directly to one of the crib rails. Some parents opt to hang a mobile above baby’s changing station. Whatever you choose, make sure the mobile is fastened properly so it can’t fall onto your baby.
  • What colors and shapes should it have? Newborns like to look at black and white contrasts, while older babies may enjoy looking at bright colors. Different shapes can make the mobile visually stimulating and can include animals, objects, foods, or other items.
  • What will the baby mobile be made of? Mobiles that attach to the crib are typically made of plastic or metal. Hanging mobiles are composed of various materials including paper, wood, fabric, and more.
  • Would you like the mobile to move or make sounds?  Some mobiles contain blinking lights or parts that move vertically or horizontally which can be quite entertaining for babies. Many mobiles play soft lullabies or other soothing noises that can ease baby to sleep.

Using a baby mobile safely

Because she spends so much time there, your baby’s sleeping space must be a safe place. Hanging mobiles should stay out of your baby’s reach and not have strings or ribbons longer than 7 inches. When baby learns to push herself up to her hands and knees, the mobile should be removed to eliminate the risk of strangulation.

Whatever baby mobile you decide on, it must hold some appeal for your little one. The idea, after all, is to give her something to safely gaze at and distract her until she falls asleep. A baby mobile isn’t an essential item, but you may find after procuring one that the effort is well worth it.

Do you have or want a baby mobile for your little one? Share your thoughts in the comments below!


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