How To Tell If You’re Dehydrated During Pregnancy, Because Thirst Isn’t The Only Sign

It’s hard enough to keep track of your water intake as a normal human being, but when you’re pregnant, it’s vital. Your body uses water in many ways during pregnancy, and so having enough of it becomes even more necessary. You know you need to drink a lot, but how much is enough? Knowing how to tell if you’re dehydrated during pregnancy can clue you into your body and if you’re supplying it with enough fluids.

The easiest way to tell whether your body needs more water is to take a look at the color of your urine. According to the American Pregnancy Association (APA), if your urine is dark yellow, that’s a sure sign that you need to increase your water intake. Having a clear urine color is a sign of being well hydrated.

If you feel like you’re not urinating enough, that could be another sign of dehydration, especially since when you’re pregnant, you’re used to hitting up that bathroom…

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