Introducing A Very Different Kind Of Walker

Parent using ring device to help baby walk

Thanks to these dads, walkers are taking a step in a different direction.

Once baby takes those precarious first few steps, you’ll do just about anything to encourage walking. Four dad friends know the feeling, and they wanted to come up with a way to make it a little more fun and a little more safe. Enter the Willa Walker, which will definitely be turning some heads at the park.

Resembling a piece of playground equipment more than a developmental tool, the Willa Walker is a set of rings attached to a piece of wood. It mimics the way most parents teach baby to walk—but saves your back by allowing you to stand upright, and requires baby to grasp the rings instead of your hands.

While it looks undisputably adorable, parents have been commenting on Facebook, questioning whether or not it’s necessary.

“Why? Let them walk when they’re good and ready. What’s the hurry?”

“Years ago they said it wasn’t safe for children to be in walkers because it put strain on their backs and could harm development. Could…

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