It’s Never Too Early to Prepare Your Child For School — Their Future Depends on It

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As a mother of a son who “was born with an above-average disregard for authority,” Christine Bronstein had a lot on her hands when it was time for her son to start kindergarten. “Needless to say, he had more than a little trouble adjusting to school. He actually walked right out of his preschool during nap time, after he asked the teacher to ‘get me outta here.'” The founder of A Band of Women, a social network and information website for women, Christine took the experience and turned it into a children’s book, Stewie Boomstein Starts School, the first in a series of books for kids and parents that deals with the transition to kindergarten, a critical moment in a child’s life where parents are often in the dark about how best to manage it. Here, she shares her tips for preparing your child for school.

Did you know that your child’s transition into school is not only an exciting step in growing up, but is also a determinant in your child’s future academic performance? A National Institute of Health study showed transition practices a school has in place to smooth a child’s initial path into kindergarten were directly correlated to academic achievement by the end of kindergarten. These same transition practices were proven to increase parent involvement and, according to another study, “research has suggested that parent involvement in school…

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