Mom’s Warning After a Plastic Slide Gave Her Toddler Second-Degree Burns

What should’ve been a fun day at the park turned into an upsetting ordeal for a nearly 2-year-old girl.

While Ariadne was playing with her mom at an Idaho playground, she mentioned her hands hurt after going down a plastic slide. Her mom, Stephanie Luker, noticed how red the toddler’s small palm was, and the irritation turned to blisters by the time they returned home.

Like many parents, Stephanie assumed that she only needed to worry about metal slides possibly burning her child during days with hot weather, and she was shocked that this could happen from plastic equipment.

Stephanie called her doctor’s office, which confirmed that the child was suffering from second-degree burns, and has been monitoring the blisters at home to prevent infection. “When I told [the nurse] it was a plastic slide, she was very, very surprised. I don’t think any of…

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